The Samberg Scholars Program at Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital

A graduate of Columbia Business School, Art Samberg donates to his alma mater to help future generations of business professionals make an impact. In 2002, he donated $10 million to the school. To honor his contribution, the school founded the Arthur J. Samberg Institute for Teaching Excellence, one of the school’s premiere locations for specialized programs and learning experiences. In 2006, Arthur Samberg donated $25 million to his alma mater. More recently, in 2013, Arthur J. Samberg, a member of CBS’s Board of Overseers, pledged $25 million to Columbia Business School toward the construction of the school’s innovative new Manhattanville campus. Art Samberg and his wife, Rebecca, later established a scholars program at Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital, where Art J. Samberg serves as a trustee.

The Samberg Scholars program was created in December 2012 to help Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital attract and retain the brightest medical talent. Funded by a $25 million donation from Rebecca and Arthur Samberg, the program also allows more resources to be devoted to clinical research at the hospital.

Mr. and Mrs. Samberg set a number of requirements that must be met in order for a physician to qualify as a Samberg Scholar. In order to be considered, a physician must serve as a pediatrician or pediatric subspecialist. Additionally, he or she must demonstrate qualities such as leadership, the ability to instruct others, a willingness to help develop programs, and involvement in the community.

The inaugural group of Samberg Scholars is comprised of 10 medical professionals. They are versed in areas spanning general pediatrics, orthopedic surgery, and urology.


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