The Arthur J. Samberg Institute for Teaching Excellence at Columbia

In 2002, alumni Art Samberg presented New York’s Columbia Business School with a donation of $10 million, an amount that was then used to establish the Arthur J. Samberg Institute for Teaching Excellence. The goal of the institute is to enhance the learning and teaching experiences of its faculty members by way of quality information, resources, and carefully constructed programs of study. The initiatives focus on insight, research, and forecast and are accessible by senior, junior, and visiting faculty staff at Columbia Business School.

Orientation programs are available for new faculty members, and a mentorship program allows junior faculty to connect with more experienced members, benefitting from their knowledge and wisdom. Teaching workshops are open for public observance by the entire faculty, and the staff members engage in roundtable discussion, individual coaching, and supplying feedback on teacher performance within the classroom. In establishing the institute, Art J. Samberg was successful in creating an initiative to improve the school’s teaching quality, the ongoing benefits of which are still experienced by the faculty and the students today.


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