Columbia Business School Hosts Six Entrepreneurs in Residence for 2014

Arthur J. “Art” Samberg, a successful hedge fund manager and the former chairman of Pequot Capital Management, the world’s largest hedge fund in the early 2000s, contributes generously to a variety of causes. In 2006, Art Samberg donated $25 million to the Columbia Business School, where he earned his MBA. Those funds allowed the school to endow 20 professorships.

Columbia Business School operates a number of programs for students and faculty, including the Entrepreneur in Residence Program. This program, led by Professor Clifford Schorer, invites four to six businesspeople to be entrepreneurial guests each academic year. These individuals lend their expertise to members of the Columbia community in the process of starting their own businesses, whether they be faculty, staff, or students. They also help develop the school’s entrepreneurship program.

The 2013-2014 Entrepreneurs in Residence include three alumni of the school. All six of the entrepreneurs will present workshops in the spring of 2014. Individuals with Columbia University email accounts may also meet with entrepreneurs by requesting a meeting through the school’s website.


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