The Arthur J. Samberg Institute for Teaching Excellence

Art Samberg
Art Samberg

Art Samberg has a long history in finance, having held various roles from security analyst to president and business owner. During his time in the world of finance and investing, Art Samberg gave back to the community through various charitable donations, including the donation that led to the formation of the Arthur J. Samberg Institute for Teaching Excellence.

Based at Columbia University, where Art J. Samberg earned his MBA, the Arthur J. Samberg Institute for Teaching Excellence serves as a faculty resource. It hosts junior, senior, and visiting faculty for events such as conferences and teaching seminars. The overall goal of the Institute is to promote educational practices by improving the quality of teaching provided by faculty through initiatives such as a mentorship program.

The mentorship program pairs an educated and experienced leader with a less-experienced individual. The goal is to help the mentee earn additional skills he or she may need while focusing on the application of those skills. The program includes relationship-building and filling the gaps that exist between classroom education and real-world work dynamics. Through the mentorship program, the Institute helps faculty become more successful.


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