The Effects of the PeerForward Program

Art Samberg
Art Samberg

A Stanford University graduate and hedge fund innovator, Arthur “Art” Samberg currently functions as the owner of Hawkes Financial, LLC, a family office. Beyond his work, Art J. Samberg supports the PeerForward program and received the Lifetime Peer Leader honor during the organization’s 2016 gala event.

PeerForward provides students, particularly those from low-income backgrounds, with a support network of teachers and peers with the aim of ensuring more people attend college. The organization notes that less than 10 percent of low-income students receive full college educations, despite estimates that 65 percent of jobs will require a college education by 2020.

Since its inception, PeerForward has worked with over 500 schools to boost the numbers of low-income students applying to college, achieving an 85 percent application rate during 2015 in the schools it operates in. Overall, PeerForward has increased college application numbers by over 20 percent across its partner schools, in addition to achieving a 64 percent submission rate for federal student aid to help low-income students.