The Arthur J. Samberg Institute for Teaching Excellence

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Arthur J. Samberg Institute for Teaching Excellence

A graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, and Columbia Business School, Art Samberg is a hedge fund icon who manages operations at Hawkes Financial, LLC, his family office. Art Samberg also has provided consistent support to Columbia Business School and was honored by alumni and faculty in 2006 for contributing to 20 professorship endowments. Additionally, he contributed a gift of $10 million to Columbia Business School in 2002 via the Samberg Institute to open the Arthur J. Samberg Institute for Teaching Excellence.

The institute’s aim is to promote excellent in teaching throughout the school, offering a range of resources and educational programs for teachers that help them develop their skills, introduce innovative techniques into their lessons, and integrate their teaching styles with their curricula. Development workshops are led by professional consultants and other faculty members, who also provide individual coaching and feedback to help teachers in regards to skills development and course content.

Between 2012 and 2013, the institute adopted the Canvas Learning Management System, which the Samberg Institute helped to roll out.


The College Summit Solution

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College Summit Solution

Arthur “Art” J Samberg is an entrepreneur and executive with over three decades of experience on Wall Street and in the financial industry. Currently, Art Samberg is the owner of Hawkes Financial LLC, his family office, which he founded following over a decade of experience as the founder of Pequot Capital Management, Inc. An engaged philanthropist, Mr. Samberg was recently honored as a Lifetime Peer Leader along with former first lady Michelle Obama at the 2016 Peer Forward Gala by College Summit.

College Summit is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and GuideStar Gold Star Charity that works for provide positive peer influence to high school students across the United States. The organization has been recognized by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the World Economic Forum for its work, which is conducted primarily through its PeerForward program.

The PeerForward initiative involves the training and coaching of high school students to serve as positive peers for their friends and classmates. The process begins with the development of partnerships between high schools and College Summit, which then recruits four 11th graders and four 12th graders who are influential amongst their peers. Peer leaders are then trained by College Summit via summer workshops to lead school-wide campaigns and make an impact at their schools, with the ultimate goal of boosting college enrollment and preparedness.

The Arthur J. Samberg Institute for Teaching Excellence

Art Samberg
Art Samberg

Art Samberg has a long history in finance, having held various roles from security analyst to president and business owner. During his time in the world of finance and investing, Art Samberg gave back to the community through various charitable donations, including the donation that led to the formation of the Arthur J. Samberg Institute for Teaching Excellence.

Based at Columbia University, where Art J. Samberg earned his MBA, the Arthur J. Samberg Institute for Teaching Excellence serves as a faculty resource. It hosts junior, senior, and visiting faculty for events such as conferences and teaching seminars. The overall goal of the Institute is to promote educational practices by improving the quality of teaching provided by faculty through initiatives such as a mentorship program.

The mentorship program pairs an educated and experienced leader with a less-experienced individual. The goal is to help the mentee earn additional skills he or she may need while focusing on the application of those skills. The program includes relationship-building and filling the gaps that exist between classroom education and real-world work dynamics. Through the mentorship program, the Institute helps faculty become more successful.

Columbia Business School Holds Pan-Asian Reunion

Art Samberg has one of the longest-running careers on Wall Street. He started his first fund in 1986, which he managed continuously until 2009, retiring from the firm he founded, Pequot Capital Management, Inc. Aside from establishing Pequot, Art Samberg served as president of Dawson-Samberg Capital Management and as a partner at Weiss, Peck and Greer.

Following a generous gift to his alma mater, Columbia Business School founded The Arthur J. Samberg Institute for Teaching Excellence. The Institute aims to enhance the educational experience at Columbia Business School through providing training programs and other professional resources for both students and faculty.

In October 2014, over 500 Columbia Business School graduates took part in a two-day event focusing on investment and innovation in Singapore. Hosted by the Ritz-Carlton Millenia Hotel, the symposium welcomed top business executives and economic scholars, including Henry Kravis, class of ’69, who is co-chairman of Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Company, and Charles Li, CEO of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing.