A Brief Overview of the Arthur J. Samberg Institute

A finance and investment professional for over 25 years, Art Samberg founded his first fund in 1986. Today, he serves as the manager for Hawkes Financial Services, LLC, and is a member of Acadia Woods Partners, LLC. In 1967, Art Samberg graduated from Columbia Business School, earning an MBA. Art J. Samberg continues to support the school through donations.

The Arthur J. Samberg Institute for Teaching Excellence was founded by Columbia Business School in honor of Art Samberg’s $10 million donation in 2002. In 2006, Arthur Samberg donated $25 million to his alma mater. More recently, in 2013, Arthur J. Samberg, a member of CBS’s Board of Overseers, generously pledged $25 million to Columbia Business School toward the construction of the school’s innovative new Manhattanville campus.
The institute’s goal is to help faculty provide an even better education for students by offering educational programs and other resources for faculty members. There is an orientation seminar for new faculty to help them learn their way around the school and its programs, and there are teaching workshops for junior and senior faculty.

The institute focuses on junior faculty members in order to help them prepare for long, illustrious careers at Columbia Business School. Through the institute, senior faculty members mentor junior members by dispensing advice on managing the classroom and utilizing different types of teaching resources.

Samberg Institute Promotes Quality Teaching at Colombia Business School

In 2002, Art Samberg, who earned his MBA from Columbia Business School in 1967, made a generous grant to his alma mater that led to the creation of the Arthur J. Samberg Institute for Teaching Excellence. Specifically chartered with promoting teaching excellence at the school, the Samberg Institute provides resources to faculty at every stage of their career. Art Samberg also serves as a member of the Columbia Business School Board of Overseers.

The Samberg Institute features a mentoring program that partners new junior faculty members with experienced faculty management to facilitate knowledge transfer. Experienced mentors advise new faculty on practical issues, such as teaching materials and classroom management, while laying the groundwork for the next generation of top-performing faculty. Other Samberg Institute programs include new faculty orientation and teaching workshops that enhance classroom performance and teaching technique.

The Samberg Institute’s range of programs afford distinguished faculty with opportunities to transfer skills and enrich experiences of new and junior faculty. Students benefit from a richer academic environment and improved teaching quality.